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Welcome to KS1 (Years 1 and 2) Home learning page. Here you can find our set tasks for different stages to support you if your child is not able to attend due to Covid-19.

Stage 1:

Here are a range of activities to complete with your child should you have to use home learning whilst you await the result of test for up to 3 days.

Screenshot_2020_10_09_at_11.48.52.png   Screenshot_2020_10_09_at_11.49.00.pngScreenshot_2020_10_09_at_11.49.12.png

Play on Gig/Garage to improve score and speed.

Access arithmetic style questions

Listen to your child read.

If you are running out of reading material, there are lots of books online through the above link.


Watch these videos and make notes about Anglo-Saxons.

Stage 2:

This stage is for your child if they have to stay at home for up two weeks.

Stage 3:

This stage is for your child if your child’s bubble has to isolate. Your child's class teacher will share the planning if a bubble needs to close. If you have any questions about the work you can liaise with their teacher via Dojo.