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Hello from the Governing Body

Heath Primary School (HPS) is an academy school within the Embark Federation of schools, a growing multi academy trust (MAT). Our school has a local governing body which helps the trust interpret and understand the unique local needs of our school. Our governing body works with, supports, monitors and challenges the work of the Headteacher and staff at the school as they strive to achieve the very best for all the children who attend the school.

Currently the governing body is made up of a number of senior staff from the school, and parent representatives from families who have children who attend, or who have recently attended the school. You will find further details about all the governors below. As governors we all place great value on the role of the school within the local community and aim to best prepare the children who attend the school for ‘life after HPS’.

Heath Primary School has experienced much positive change since we were last judged as ‘good’ by Ofsted in 2016. We joined Embark in 2019 and as one of the ‘founding’ schools we have a strong voice within the trust. We are lucky enough to have seen major investment in a significant programme of building and refurbishment works which will improve the structures within which our teachers teach and our learners learn. We have also, like all schools in the UK, been challenged by COVID and have changed how we do some things and positively adapted as a result. The local community is also changing with some major housing developments impacting local areas, and we aim to meet these changing needs.

As a governing body we really are at the heart of the school and aspire to steer the school effectively as it moves forwards. We are always keen to understand where there are opportunities for improvement and we welcome opportunities to speak with stakeholders. Should you have any queries, suggestions or ideas you would like to raise with the governing body please feel free to email us (enquiries@heath.derbyshire.sch.uk).

James Swain

Chair of Governing Body

Meet our Governors

JSJames Swain - Parent, term of office: 13.06.19 - 13.06.23.
My name is James Swain. In September 2021, I started a two year commitment to act as chair of the governing body at Heath Primary School. As a parent governor who lives in the local area I am committed to helping the school effectively serve local children and families and be a valued part of the local community. I am keen to make myself available to parents/guardians, staff members, children and other stakeholders to ensure that any views, ideas or concerns are taken forward with a view to improving the school experience for all involved.

I currently work as a teacher at a local residential special school working across Key Stages 2 and 3 with children who have severe social, emotional and mental health difficulties that impact upon their behaviour. I have a background in education settings both in the UK and overseas. I have also worked within private companies and been self-employed.

As a governor I hope to work with, support and challenge the school in order to keep the children safe, healthy, happy and learning. I also hope to help staff feel valued and encouraged as they set out to educate, mentor and inspire each and every one of the children. I aspire to help Heath Primary School ‘get it right’ for the children who attend the school and will support parents/guardians, children and staff at the school to achieve that objective.


Helen Staton - LA, term of office: 13.06.19 - 13.06.23.

My name is Helen Staton and I feel privileged to be a governor at Heath Primary School. Both of my children have been previous pupils at Heath which is when I first joined the Governing Body. I am a Deputy Headteacher of a local secondary school and have an interest in both education and the local community in which Heath Primary stands. I have served on the Governing Body for over 8 years and enjoy both challenging and supporting the school in their efforts to continue improving the educational experience of our children. Education is so much more than test results and levels and should develop key social and creative skills especially in these early years and help build confidence and self-esteem.


Martin Gunn - Co-opted, term of office: 13.06.19 - 13.06.23.

Hi my name is Martin Gunn. I have been a resident of Heath for over 13 years and landlord of The Elm Tree Heath with my family, both of my children have attended Heath Primary School, I have been a member of the governors since 2015, HPS is a wonderful school and I want this to continue I feel it has a great back ground and excellent reputation around. The teaching staff and support staff are a credit to teaching and bring out the best in our children and with the help of the governors this will continue and get even better. I feel that all education as businesses are facing tough times ahead that will put us to the test, but we all have the best interests of the school, pupils staff and with the support of parents we will come out of this stronger and better.


Jonathan Lynch - Staff.

As Headteacher of Heath Primary School I feel I am privileged to be able to be part of a school community that works hard to enhance the learning opportunities for our children. I have been at Heath since September 2015 and have always been impressed by the behaviour and attitude to learning of the children and how they rise to challenges. We have a strong team of governors who help to shape the future of the school.


Chris Swales - Co-opted, term of office: 08.02.17 - 08.02.21.

My name is Chris Swales, and I am very grateful to have been appointed to the Governing Body in January 2017, joining at a particularly exciting time for Heath Primary School. I am a Head of Department at a high school in Nottingham, having previously worked at schools in North Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Across these schools I have had first-hand experience of the role a high-quality education, along with outstanding care and guidance, plays in shaping the future aspirations of children.

My son attends HPS, where he has absolutely thrived. For me, being part of the Governing Body means that I can work alongside the school staff and leadership, to play a part in supporting many other young people in this community, allowing them to thrive, and achieve their potential at this fantastic school.


Sally Amans - Co-opted, term of office: 12.10.17 - 12.10.21.

My name is Sally Amans. I have a daughter and son who are currently attend Heath Primary School. I have loved seeing their confidence and ability grow whilst being nurtured throughout their time at HPS. They really enjoy school and the opportunities that they are given there. 

Before becoming a primary school teacher I previously taught at local secondary schools and I have taught vulnerable adults in a local community setting. I enjoy the every day challenges that teaching brings and find it a rewarding job. As a local resident, I am passionate about providing support for our school and wider community. I’m committed to getting the best from children and helping them to excel. As a governor, I am pleased to have the opportunity to help guide the school and contribute towards its continued success.


Rachel Ottewell - Co-opted, term of office: 12.10.17 - 12.10.21.

My name is Rachel Ottewell. I am a local farmer’s wife, living on a very busy working farm close by to Heath Primary School.

I have previously worked in retail management for a large local department store, focusing mainly on Sales, Finance, Health and Safety, Audit, Loss Prevention, Training and Cash Handling. I have worked at around 6 different branches completing different roles within the company. My favourite being Operations Manager. I now work as part of the school office team three days a week.

I have 2 children that attend Heath Primary School. They both love coming to school every day and are thriving through the education they have received so far. As a part of my role on the school governors, I would like to try to be a support to the professionals who run the school on a day to day basis but also to see it continue being the best that it can be for not only my children but the rest of the children that do and will attend Heath Primary School.


Jenny Flavell - Associate, term of office: 01.09.19 - 31.08.23.

My name is Jenny Flavell and I am the Deputy Head Teacher at Heath Primary School. I am a proud to be a member of such a wonderful school community and I am thrilled to have been given the chance to join the governing body. My own daughter has recently started at Heath, within the two year old provision. There is a warm, caring atmosphere around the school and the children are enthusiastic and engaged in their learning. All staff in school go above and beyond for the children and I am excited that I am in a position, as a governor, to support the school in a wider capacity.

CW (1).png
Craig Wibberley - Parent, term of office: 13.06.19 - 13.06.23.
My name is Craig Wibberley, I am proud to have been appointed parent governor around a year ago what is a very exciting time for Heath Primary School.

I am currently part of the leadership team for one of the biggest companies in the world which brings exciting opportunities. I have a large amount of experience in Hospitality Management specialising in Profit and Loss, Human resources and being able to drive improvement.   

I have 2 children that attend Heath Primary School. I have seen them grow into confident children through the school staff and leadership of Heath Primary School. Both children love coming to school and truly believe this is down to how my children are made to feel at school which I believe is absolutely key to success.

CH_.JPGCathy Horton - Staff, term of office: 01.09.19 - 31.08.23.

My name is Cathy Horton and I hold the position of Staff Governor. I have been a teacher at Heath Primary School since 2002. I feel very much a part of the wider community, as my own family originates from Heath and I am now teaching children of children I have taught in the past!

Additionally, both of my own children attended Heath Primary between the years of 2006 to 2019. It was an easy decision to send them to Heath, as I knew that all the staff worked hard and had the children’s wellbeing at heart, as well as offering many enrichment opportunities.

At Heath Primary School, a wide variety of skills and talents are celebrated and nurtured through specialist teaching and extra-curricular activities, giving all children an opportunity to succeed and grow. This is something I am passionate about and will always advocate for this to continue. As Staff Governor, I enjoy supporting the school in a wider capacity and am committed to seeing the school continue to succeed.

LW.JPGLindsay Windle - Associate.

My name is Lindsay Windle, as Business manager at Heath Primary School I attend governor meetings to both provide reports and give information on the day to day of school life as well as be a supportive member of the team. I have been at Heath since 2006 and have always enjoyed being part of a great staff team who all support the school and community .

One of my priorities is to help provide a safe and happy environment for pupils, staff and visitors to the school. I am always available to help staff, parents and pupils in any way that I can.

DW (1)

Donna Watson - Parent, term of office: 13.06.19 - 13.06.23.

My name is Donna Watson and I am a parent governor. I live locally to Heath Primary School with my husband and our children, one daughter and two sons, who actually attend HPS. All three of our children have flourished since starting at HPS. I have all of the children’s best interests at heart, my own included which is one of the motivations for applying to become a governor. Another is that I wanted to devote some of my spare time to support our local community, which I feel HPS is at the heart of. 

I feel privileged to be part of the governing body and being able to experience first-hand how the school is run. I enjoy being more involved and hope that my contribution helps to support the excellent work of the school

One of my beliefs is that all children should have an equal educational opportunity in life and excellent teaching and leadership, supported by parents in paramount. I enjoy being part of the team supporting in a safe happy environment which they all love.