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Home Learning

Since the government announced a new lock-down and schools were asked to open for only key worker and vulnerable children, Heath Primary have been operating in line with the new guidance. The latest plan for remote learning can be downloaded below and we will be adding more documents to help parents to support their children and structure their day.

Our main platform is Class Dojo, where parents have a log in to access their children's work, ask any questions and upload work for their teachers to see.

We also operate a blended approach to provision. All children were able to access a set of home learning materials and books, to support the online content. Our staff have gone above and beyond and are produced recorded sessions for children so that they can access when they convenient, as well as watch again if needed. They also run a number of live sessions to engage the children, feedback on the previous day's work, discuss the work set that day or have some fun together as a group!

If anyone has any concerns or worries about the work then please get in touch as we want to help in what is a tricky time. Either message your child's class teacher or myself on Dojo or email us on health@heath.derbyshire.sch.uk

Take care and stay safe

Mr Lynch and all the team at HPS

At Heath Primary School we have also , during this year, used a tiered approach to home learning should this be needed by you to support home learning of anyone impacted by Covid-19. This follows a similar model to the one used during the lock down and hopefully has enough to help you support your child at home.

We have broken the support into three stages, whereby each offers support at a level we feel is appropriate.

Stage 1: 

Your child is absent awaiting a test result or you are concerned they may have symptoms.
Here you will have a menu of items to use and keep your child engaged with their learning. 

If you need further support or a pack printing out then don't hesitate to get in touch with the school using the health@heath.derbyshire.sch.uk email address. Clearly you can access more resources, such as those available through Oak Academy, or use the Stage 2 resources but be aware the latter wont be updated every two weeks.

Stage 2:

Your child has to self-isolate for up to 2 weeks.
There will be a two week stand alone series of lessons for you to access. There will be links to what the children are learning in class and as a parent you can then liaise with your child's class teacher via Dojo if you need any support.

Stage 3:

Your child has to self isolate due to their bubble in school closing.
This plan will be shared at the time by the class teachers and will closely follow the themes and topics in school. There may be a delay for this to be shared if we close a bubble suddenly and you can access the other ideas from stage 1 and 2 in the interim.

We will continue to revise and improve our home learning provision and value any feedback. Please email on health@heath.derbyshire.sch.uk if you have any comments.

You can access the pages through the top menu, parent area/ home learning/